Hi! I am Oky Maulana, advertising is what I am totally passionate about. I am currently working as Junior Media Implementer in a Media Agency based in Jakarta. I would love to meet new people and ready to expand the network especially those with the same passion.
If you guys want to invite me for the food testing, the invitation is always open and that would be an honor for me. But noted that the obligatory of posting the food review is back to my decision, so don't hesitate to send the invitation via email to hello@okymaulana.com

Twitter: okymavlana
Facebook: Oky Maulana
Instagram: okymavlana

Oky Maulana. 


  1. Wah tampilannya udah bagus ini mah. HAHAHA

    Ini aboutnya dipanjangin lagi lah. Masa gitu doang.

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